The Mantario Trail is a multipurpose trail in southeastern Manitoba. It is 63 kilometers long and Mantario Trail conditions reports and maps (GPS, topographical) · Manitoba Naturalists Society · Nature Manitoba – Mantario · More trail. All hikers should use a copy of the official Manitoba Conservation Mantario Hiking Trail map (available online and in stores) for planning and navigating their . Mantario Trail, 66 km, 41 miles, about 4 days. Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail; Hut tour grading: T1, Walk. Find walking maps and.

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Mantario Trail: Overview and Preparation – Solo Outdoors

Sincea group of local runners have been participating the annual Mantario Marathon. We came across a couple of campers at one of the sites. There is parking available at both trailheads, although tril lot at the south trailhead is considerably larger.

South Trailhead on Google Maps. I highly recommend finishing on this section.

Mantario Trail – Manitoba, Canada | AllTrails

Just after the trail turns north around the edge of Caribou Lake there is a steep scramble down to cross a creek and back up – watch your footing and take your mantarrio on the rocks. The trail crosses another portage route between Doreen and Peggy lakes and finally descends into a wet crossing leading to Mabtario Lake. If you put your head down and hike loudly through the bush mantaroi will likely not see a single creature.

You will climb to a small ridge overlooking Hemenway Lake – note that the tree holding the “Hemenway Lake” sign has blown down – the path continues behind it down to the campsite. In July I usually find a few dewberries along the trail – it is hard to hide the fact I am picking berries with 16 17 feet of canoe and a pack of plant identification guides.


The recommended overnight camp for a 2 day trip would be Moosehead Mantatio, which is the approximate midway point of the trail. The campsites also have bear boxes. This page was last edited on 6 Septemberat Abandoned mud road Cross one more wooden bridge along the way and the road will bring you out at the north trailhead.

Mantario Trail: Overview and Preparation

The path can get muddy in this stretch, so do your best to keep your feet clear. Here is my experience: I have also seen references of 63km and 66km mantsrio it really depends on side trails, short cuts, getting turned around, and your GPS track potentially cutting off part of your distance.

In Between Trailheads It takes just over an hour to drive between trailheads. Here is where the Three of us agreed on the new plan of completing the trail in 2 days. The continuation of the route is currently only marked by a small bit of orange flagging tape, and you will have to walk for a short distance down the trail before seeing your first official trail marker. Continuing around the border of the lake you will pass a rusted out old car just before reaching a gravel road at Crowduck Lodge.

Bear box Drop toilet Weather September is generally considered the best time to hike the trail due to lower water levels, cooler temperatures and less bugs. The next section of the trail is one of the most challenging, and it’s best to tackle on fresh legs if your schedule allows.


Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. The road dead-ends at the north trailhead, some distance past a small parking lot. This route has not been used in a number of years now, the alternative portage also has poison ivy but less and it is more off the trail. After hiking, drive back to collect the second vehicle. We have known several experienced hikers who have had to use a SPOT unit to call for help on the trail due to injury or other unforeseen difficulties.

Several more steep climbs and descents lie between you and the official Mantario Lake campsite. Justin Feilberg recorded Mantario Challenge Sunday December 23rd – 8: Depending on water levels the trail may be wet in sections as it hugs the shore of the lake.

Kevin Esau recorded 3km of South end. Follow the road east right to just matnario the fork before turning north again left along the trail.

Another very common aquatic carnivorous plant Utricularia vulgaris or Common bladderwort can be easily seen in mid-July around the marshy sections throughout the whole region.