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The really interesting part comes next, because he then unplugs the electrical supply to the water pump and switches it over to the generator which the wheel is driving.

The Ram Implosion Wing. The Leroy Rogers Motor. The rotor magnets are joined in stepped pairs, connected by a non-magnetic yoke. My point was that in order to talk sensibly about whether a device is impossible, breaks the laws of physics or is over unity, we first need to define and be clear about what system the device operates in.

Let me stress again, that this set of information is not by any means the final word on the subject, but just an introduction to the subject by a single person who makes no claims to knowing all the answers.

ALL of science is testable and repeatable, and is thoroughly vetted by publishing data and methodology openly and freely. There are also many articles, scientific papers and books, some of which, quite frankly, I am not able to understand as the authors think mathematically and express themselves in equations where they frequently do not define the terms which they use in their equations, making them effectively meaningless.

How much fuel is burned to power the boat? And the problem is right there in your statement. I – 24 Stanley Meyer of the USA discovered a method of splitting water into it’s gas form, using very little power.

Sciencemadness Discussion Board – Anybody know of colloidal magnet? – Powered by XMB

I used a heat pump as an example to define the word overunity. The Alberto Molina-Martinez Generator. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There is no real limit to the power of this motor as layer after layer of magnets can be mounted on a single drive shaft as shown here: In other words this universe would not have the degree of stability it currently has if this were possible.


Were they stupid people? Interestingly, this is not something which they want to pursue as they have other areas which appeal more to them.

Constructing High Quality Coils.

Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube

While this is useful in evaluating issues in the social and political sphere, it has little utility in science which these days tends towards constructive empiricism. Electrons expand space-time despite their total pull as you can read in my paper. Supplied by many different retailers. You will notice that this is a substantial power output coming from a device built with a very basic style of construction where bare wires are twisted together to form an electrical connection. Fuel-less Engines Chapter 9: Ten kilowatts from a battery inverter would need to carry a massive Amps which is far more than the starter motor current in a vehicle and that Amps is more than 70 times the UK household fuse rating.

He found that if he used an AC motor plugged into the mains to drive a flywheel which in turn drove an ordinary generator, that it was possible to get a greater power output from the generator than the amount needed to drive the motor.

The Laws are not theories, particularly not in the wrong sense that you are using the term they are consequences of the structure of the Universe. The lines of magnetic flow around any magnet are symmetrical and in order for a magnet to provide a useful directional force, it is necessary to arrange magnets in such a way that their combined magnetic field is no longer symmetrical.

This is the equivalent of the situation for the crystal set shown above, except that the energy field we are in is very, very much more powerful than the radio waves from a radio transmitter. So if HHO is bringing it closer to that point then effectively it is making the engine more efficient and cleaner. It is a huge PDF book, weighing in at 1, pages! Many things that have been said to be theoretically impossible have actually been done and the theory revised to accept the new facts.


Using an aerial 2. The qww generator of Ashley Gray. Also those kind people who have given me permission to reproduce their own works directly on my web sites or in my documents. Go and learn the subject properly with the mathematics if you still see what you think you see after that, then debate.

It does not, of course, show that the original device did not operate exactly as described, just that the possibly inept attempt at replication, was not successful. Cars have had catalytic converters since the late s. This should be obvious as a magnet can support its own weight on the vertical face of a I – 17 refrigerator, for years on end.

We simply could not do science! Its mixed H2 O2, nothing more, nothing less.

The one shown below is a fairly typical unit. You make sound like you know a thing or two about thermodynamics… Could you please unfo this to me?

Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube | Hackaday

Protons contract space-time despite their total push of neutral rest mass at far distances. Scammers deserve disdain and public shaming. An unmodified carbureted gasoline engine will run quite happily on hydrogen. Email required Address never made public.

But really I agree there is a lot of bullshit on youtube.