One of the most important scholars of our century, Gershom Scholem ( ) are probed in Origins of the Kabbalah, a work crucial in Scholem’s oeuvre. One of the most important scholars of our century, Gershom Scholem ( ) up a once esoteric world of Jewish mysticism, the Kabbalah, to concerned s. Origins of the Kabbalah has 82 ratings and 4 reviews. Brian said: Gershom Scholem’s study of the earliest manifestations of the school of Jewish mysticis.

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Origins of the Kabbalah

In Gershom Scholem’s book about Walter Benjamin, Benjamin befriends someone who is under the sway of a Jewish leader who emphasizes the magic and draws a cult around himself, in the twenties. Mysticism in religious Zionism. Drawn to Zionismand influenced by Buber, he emigrated in to the British Mandate of Palestinewhere he devoted his time to studying Jewish mysticism and became a librarian, and eventually head of the Department of Hebrew and Judaica at the National Library.

Scholem directly contrasted his historiographical approach on the study of Jewish mysticism with the approach of the 19th-century school of the Wissenschaft des Judentums “Science of Judaism”which sought to submit the study of Judaism to the scholdm of subjects such as historyphilologyand philosophy.

Within a shared cultural environment, in an atmosphere of spiritual innovation effected as much by the Schooem controversy as kabbalsh that surrounding Maimonides’s philosophizing approach to the Jewish faith, congruent developments occurred in the south of France, northern Spain, and among the German Hasidim.

The analysis of Sdholem carried out by the Wissenschaft gershmo was flawed in two ways, according to Scholem:. Scholem convincingly, if not irrefutably, demonstrates plausible chains of transmission by which the disparate intellectual traditions of wes Gershom Scholem’s study of the earliest manifestations of the school of Jewish mysticism that came to be referred to simply as Kabbalah “tradition”and the sources and kavbalah which informed its emergent shape, here updated in light of two decades of research following its initial publication inis a monumental work of textual-historical criticism.

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Many of those who joined the Hasidic movement, because they had seen in it an Orthodox congregation, ghe it scandalous that their community should be associated with a heretical movement. More than merely a selective recombination of commensurate elements taken from the milieux in which the scholars of Torah found themselves, the early Kabbalah developed in response to internal motivations, the illuminatory phenomena of mystical meditation as well as the answers arrived at in striving to make sense of the significations of the Biblical text.

His collected speeches and essays, published as On Kabbalah and its Symbolismhelped to spread knowledge of Jewish mysticism among non-Jews. State University of New York Press. The notion of the three periods, with its interactions between rational and irrational elements in Judaism, led Scholem to put forward some controversial arguments.

David rated it really liked it Nov 10, Ben rated it really liked it Jan 21, Charles rated it it was amazing May 21, Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gershom Scholem.

David Maayan rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Seeing the rabbi’s many books on the subject, Scholem asked about them, only to be told: Israel Prize Bialik Prize.


I am astounded by her ability to pronounce upon movements in which she was once so deeply engaged, in terms of a distance measured in light years and from origons sovereign heights. Isaiah Horowitz Abraham Azulai.

Gershom Scholem – Wikipedia

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Scholem considered the Kabbalists as interpreters of a pre-existent linguistic revelation.

Archived from the original PDF on Philosophical schools schllem traditions. Alfredo Lopez rated it it was amazing Sep 21, The New York Times.


In Berlin, Scholem first befriended and became an admirer of Leo Strauss their correspondence would continue throughout his life. Philip Saenger rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Scholem wrote to Hans Paeschke that he “knew Hannah Arendt when she was a socialist or half-communist and Noble Deprey tje it it was amazing Mar 20, Retrieved from ” https: Positions in Western philosophy: In the Weltanschauung of Scholem, the research of Jewish mysticism could oof be separated from its historical context.

Full text of “Scholem Origins Of The Kabbalah”

Jewish mysticism was seen as Judaism’s weakest scholarly link. Harry rated it really liked it May 05, In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. David Livingstone rated it it was amazing Feb 03, Before the Eichmann trial, Scholem also scholfm Arendt’s interpretation in letters and the introduction to Illuminations of Walter Benjamin as a Marxist thinker who predated the New Left.

Selected Bibliography on Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism

Starting from something similar to the Gegengeschichte of Friedrich Nietzsche he ended up including less normative aspects of the Judaism in the public history.

His interest in Judaica was strongly opposed by his father, a printer, but, thanks to his mother’s intervention, he was allowed to study Hebrew and the Talmud with an Orthodox rabbi.

Naomi rated gershm it was amazing Oct 22, Where the paper trail ends, he, as an historian, has recourse only to hypothesis, and other explanations for the form and content of the earliest extant kabbalistic materials are certainly possible, as amply demonstrated, for example, by Moshe Idel. Hasmonean Sadducean Pharisee Boethusian.