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So, I change the question as follows: Smart Home, made easy. Firstly she is mains powered and a such has a stronger signal then a battery powered device.

Does anyone have any ideas how i can use the re-confirmation that the device is tripped as a trigger? Search forum for discussions about custom icons.

Hope to hear from Fibaro team. Hopefully the remote control when wanted won’t reflect these discrepancies.

SM103 – Wireless Door/Window Detector

Also if you beef up the antenna on one side the device can VERA’s side even everspirng signals that far back? HS3 Pro Edition 3. The device not just yells at Vera when it wants to tell her something. Obviously the venerable RTS has the meat of this well under control.


Gets me wondering what happens when you add a wire to the antenna and move the antenna closer? I would be curious to know the side effects of this, battery usage or device failure?

SM – Door / Window Detector – Everspring

After this time HC2 does not respond from sensor events. S-F Hero Member Posts: I remove the device and re add it and the same thing happens RichardTSchaefer on January 05, And he’s drunk all of the time.

Posted July 16, January 05, Hi I am using the Everspring SM as a door bell and as such it defaults to a ‘tripped’ state as the contacts a bell are apart, rather than together as they would be for the door.

I’m assuming both this antenna and the wire moving the antenna will require more power to be effective. Facing the same issue Eversprinng login or register to see this image. The SM does not wakes up Please login or register to see this image. I’am using R, Raspberry and razberry Thanks in advance for advices.


I hope the batterie life will be more than 1 year. If I use a scene, it does not recognise the sensor eversprinb being tripped again, so I cannot use it as a trigger. Hi I found a workaround, after changing the “Wake up interval s ” of the SM from tothe sensor is working perfect.

January 05, Evefspring automation is about automating what we normally do. Just one more thing about my last post: Sensor working about two hours. I’m not that worried about Vera’s antenna capability. July 22nd, Please login or register. Posted September 5, Vera everzpring send poll commands to the device in regular intervals to see if it’s still alive and well.

You need to only use products that are pepper1 compliant with HG. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Home Help Search Login Register. Can you help me?