So, let’s get back to the above photo to see a real life example. I selected them in Lightroom and then launched LR/Enfuse with the default . I shoot real estate photography in FL, using multiple lighting more often. but many. I’m in Southern California and photograph luxury real estate properties here, often in the $1m to $7m plus range. And my realtor and home builder clients want to. When I shoot for architects, builders or interior designers I have the time built in to the shoot to use strobes and light the scene. I have one big.

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Step 7 – paint out the imperfection of the flash colour layer then lower the opacity of the flash colour layer Step 8 – make your final adjustments to the image in Lightroom don’t forget to straighten your verticals!

LR/Enfuse best practices | Photography for Real Estate | Flickr

The Final Image Below is the final image. October 14, at A Brief Client List Includes: It was only natural that he’d combine his photographic skill with his love of architecture. I even created a LR3 Photogrphy Preset for finishing the images off.

It would certainly be a barrier to most photographers. Yes, Tim, this is my favourite plugin. Not blown out windows or half way exposed exteriors.

Enfuse For Real Estate PhotographyPhotographer’s Toolbox | Photographer’s Toolbox

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Marc studied fine art and art history at the School of Visual Rea in New York City and the attended Pohtography of California Irvine on full scholarship with a concentration in photography. Helicon focus blends multiple exposures where the focus point changes in each one to produce an image with more depth of field than can be achieved with one photo.


The blended image is often just a touch underexposed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Fix verts flatten and save. I noticed that you’ve missed that on nearly all of enruse interior images. The dynamic range of the image needs to be compressed to fit within the dynamic range of the chosen media. I find that in situations like that I need to expose for the entire range then create layers with masks in PS and paint in the areas require detail. VERY good plug-in — thanks so much.

October 20, at 3: It does a wonderful job and produce natural results without a fuss. July 28, at 5: December 18, at 4: October 29, at 7: This one plugin has enabled me to make tens of thousands of dollars extra this last year.

I found that Enfuse came out muddy, but the flash layer should solve this. July 6, at hpotography Typically this is done by controlling a tone mapping curve that dictates how and where the dynamic range is compressed.

Its usually over exposed sometimes to the point of defeating the objective of Enfusing. Just drag and drop your images from any where right onto the GUI.

The contrast range of the scene both global and local determines the approach required to produce a “natural” rendition. December 20, at 9: The process was way to long and creating an unnecessary post production workload. Purchased it last night and really looking forward to using it.


Sandra, I shoot real estate photography in FL, using multiple lighting more often.

I am mostly referring to the layer options. Vor not really happy with all of my results. I then save and reopen eetate files and batch process with Guy Gowans actions which can be tweeked on the run. Thanks for posting this. So i tried to edit these parameters without quotes of course … but without any success. January 8, at 4: Are the end results of the two approaches the same?

Save Cancel Drag to set position!

Enfuse For Real Estate Photography

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I shoot property and most often want to capture all the contrast inside and outside at the same time.

Blending software is very easy to use but it can only produce natural looking images. No window extraction at all. Edited by Darren Sutherland member 4 years ago.

What string i have to enter to manipulate those Parameters with effect? Its drag and drop. Blue skies in particular come out almost grey. Note that this is not the same as creating an HDR photographhy dynamic range image. December 13, at If I have a better understanding of the intent for these edits, I’ll better understand how to maximize their potential.

I haven’t had a chance to compare them yet.