magic tricks forum – Sign Language by Doug Dyment – Review Bought mine from Doug direct at: Price: About $15 +. Doug Dyment’s “Penney’s From Heaven” from Neil Scryer and Friends. Max Maven’s “Positive/Negative” shared in Genii Magazine. Read once a new. From a smoke &pet free home. Saddle stiched, soft cover. 12 pgs. Look my other items! A Monograph on the Impromptu Divination.

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I’m sure there are endless ways to create a zodiac divination that will be much more convincing than any published system.

Waters start performing it, and Grismer saw one of those performances and months later brought out, “What’s My Sign? The Secret Books Vol. My code still involved some manual work – but it did the grunt work for you: We accept PayPal only.

I’d say get both and have many strings to your bow!

Doug Dyment – Sign Language / mentalism magic | #

I was pleased with the reactions and used it simply as a premise to locate the most “sensitive” and “open-mined” spectator for a thought experiment Three other spectators who received the same hovering actions from me felt nothing Now pick another word It’s an interesting read and the concept works really well.

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Dougs work is a vital introduction into the progressive annagram system whilst Dream Signs is important for those who wish to experiment with psychological methodology and the related systems. Sep 16, Doug looks good I just dymeent your sign Language booklet.


Most versions, however, suffer from less-than-optimal design, with little or no mechanism to keep the performance from looking like a guessing game. Mindsights is awesome, as well.

Any input would be appreciated. Weber zign devised an extremely effective plot for this type of effect. It can also be done in French with little adaptation as suggested by Doug Dyment himself on his website. My own Sign Language is a much-reviewed monograph on the topic of scripting for languaage of this type. Make him or her to think at his or her star sign.

Sign Language by Doug Dyment

By continuing to sogn the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. Not only is it a powerful effect, but it provides a good method for creating new scripts. Do an effect using the secret information panguage he or she wrote. As has been suggested, Sign Language along with all of my releases, for that matter is available only directly from The Deceptionary.

This new version offers a significantly improved methodological construction, detailed performance instructions, and a carefully crafted script designed to more effectively shroud its modus operandi. And on the two women I did it for, it resulted in a scream reaction. Board index All times are UTC.

Propless magic – The Magician’s Forum

It’s a good soft to help you, not to entierely create a PA. I’ll think about it No need to answer that, folks.

Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others. Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz. He has published several lannguage books in a series called Impuzzibilities.


This gets a great reaction.

Sven Rygh Inner circle Oslo, Norway. I created the French version, but didn’t have any luck with Spanish or Italian. Down Under Deals by Andrew Wimhurst. Password Forgot your password?

I’ve never compiled an anagram before and would like to sig how difficult it is to get to the 1×7 depth. Board index All times are UTC.

Hi Doug Sign Language just arrived yesterday, You have done a great job on this. Once people have a working understanding of things though, it becomes easy to develop their own way of doing such things What I liked about doing it this way is that it felt impromptu It never hurts to have a couple of ordered decks dymemt ask David Berglas System 88 by Docc Hilford and Dr. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Let Me Introduce Myself In my opinion the best way is to create your own ways and effects.

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