digiKam logo digiKam is a Photo Management Application with support for Digital Cameras. Follow the instructions below, if you don’t have a dedicated user account and a digiKam database already set up. Run the commands in MySQL server (after. digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool.

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Set the path diglkam the above path, where the camera is mounted. Note, that will affects all your KDE applications. Upload new images from the camera and create the target album during the download.

Please leave the default settings if you are not sure what to do here. Image Composition manal using Golden Spiral 3. Hot Pixels Detect and erase problem pixels of your image caused by defective pixels of your camera’s sensor.

digiKam – Documentation

Use this tab to access properties assigned to your images, such as file properties permissions, ownership, modification date, etc. Internal server creates a separate database that can be accessed only while application is running using the command: Charcoal Drawing Transform your image into a black and white charcoal drawing.

If all three options are activated the only way to leave the Full Screen Mode is the context menu or Ctrl – Shift – F. This is the perfect task for the Find Duplicate plug-in. Color management via ICC color profiles helps you maintain color fidelity across multiple output devices camera, display, printer.


digikam-users – Install DigiKam pdf manual ???

As a result, all images in your entire collection carrying this tag are displayed. Use this tool to do some basic image editing on the images you just downloaded from your camera. Table of Contents 1. Use the form appropriate to your country. If you need to transform your color shots into black and white or want to achieve an aged look in your photographs, check out the Filters menu and choose from the various export options. There are two versions of the scripts. For Mandrivait seems that the same convmv can be applied.

The first collection was created on first start with the First-run Wizard dialogue. Configuring Your Camera The Color menu allows you to manage all kinds of different color-related settings. To view a single image, browse to your album or collection and click on your image to display it.

First, determine which album or tag to include in the scope of your search. If you installed digiKam using your distribution package, language files should be manuao with it and you can run digiKam in any supported language. This option applies a noise reduction algorithm while the image still is in CIE Lab color space.


With Forward and Backnavigate in your album.


,anual second option will always use the full image data for the preview regardless of whether there is a reduced version embedded in the file or not. Case sensitivity is important for specifiying the property names, but not for the property values.

To use the plug-ins, install the digikamimageplugins package. If no errors show up, then you have performed all the steps correctly. So, install a recent version 0. Usually, this would be the photographer, but if the image was done by an employee or as work-for-hire, then the agency or company should be listed.

Depth Determine the color depth in bits. To download images from your digital camera, simply connect the camera to the USB port of your computer using the USB cable provided by the camera manufacturer. Pretend your image had been embossed to a sheet of paper. Select one or more pictures with the left mouse button. Now select Rating from 2 to 5 stars. Auto Levels Correction Preview 3.