: Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics [Updated Edition] (): Cynthia Enloe: Books. : Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics (): Cynthia Enloe: Books. Cynthia Enloe revisits these major questions by rewriting probably the most classic feminist IR book first published in Bananas, Beaches.

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If those with vested interests in maintaining slavery had faced only male opponents, without the energy, political innovations, and knowledge of domestic consumption that women abolitionists contributed, they might have been able to sustain the exploitive racist system longer or at lower political cost.

These recent media innovations are not the first time that women have tried to fashion alternative media in order to make visible women’s political issues, women’s critical analyses, and women’s political activism. Overlooked by all but feminist historians have been the lesser-known British and American women antislavery activists, women who created mass movements in the early and mids.

Account Options Sign in. The intricately crafted final version of the Arms Trade Treaty was passed by the General Assembly on April 2, with the delegates of Syria, Iran, and North Korea casting the three “no” votes. Such an enlightening book.

Its passage was the result of many actors, many efforts, many forms of analysis. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. However, the book has doubled in size from to pages. By itself, its role is never decisive. Susan Jeffords Soldaderas in the Mexican Military: Though, even recognizing that one is not part of any elite, acknowledging oneself as an international actor can be unnerving.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. We see a photo of members of Russia’s cabinet, Wall Street’s inner circle, the Chinese Politboro, or Europe’s central bankers, and it is easy to miss the fact that all the people in these photographs are men.


Don’t have a Kindle? Bananas, Beaches and Bases: For example, in the s, Hollywood moguls turned the innovative Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda into an American movie star. Selected pages Page To do a gender investigation fueled by a feminist curiosity requires asking not only about the meanings of masculinity and femininity but also about how those meanings determine where women are and what they think about being there.

Twenty-five years later, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, provided a similar gender-consciousness-raising function andd she stood cynthka a photograph with the other heads of government in the Group of Eight, the world’s economic powers. When are they stymied? Suddenly there are clues to trace; there is blame, credit, and responsibility to apportion, not just at the start but at each point along the way. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? They are the victims of garment factory disasters; they are the targets of sexual assaults in wartime; they are the trafficked, the low paid, the objectified.

They are not monolithic, but together they can determine what is considered beached what is defined as “political,” what is deemed “significant,” and who is anointed an “expert. But throughout the multistage negotiations, the Vatican’s delegates were omnipresent and influential.

Bananas, Beaches and Bases by Cynthia Enloe – Paperback – University of California Press

For example, a British woman decides to cancel her plans for a winter holiday in Egypt. Listening to women’s diverse experiences of living with guns in their communities and their homes, they painted a Big Picture: Including “gender-based violence” as a criterion for government officials when they assessed the legality of exporting any small arms from their own countries’ gun manufacturers was a criterion strenuously resisted by certain influential organizations and by officials from powerful governments.

These “dancers,” however, are not in a position to call the tune. Second, if we continue to ignore the distinct ideas and actions of the British and American women abolitionists, we will underestimate the internal tensions that marked the transatlantic antislavery movement itself: The Arms Trade Treaty’s gendered politics had taken years to create, but in April those gendered politics had just begun.


For instance, we travel with Mary Kingsley, an adventure girl and explorer from Victorian England. While you might daydream about becoming a senior foreign policy expert in your country’s diplomatic corps, you may deliberately shy away from thinking about whether you will be able to sustain a relationship with a partner while you pursue this ambition.

Different priorities and understandings had to be aired and reconciled. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Yet it is these same expert commentators who gravely underestimate both the amount and the kinds of power it has taken to create and to perpetuate the international political system we all are living in today.

Views Read Edit View history. It probably feels like a stretch to see yourself working in a disco outside a foreign military base. Bananas, Beaches and Bases. The lives of Hollywood actresses can take on new international import when viewed through a feminist analytical lens. The deceptively provocative question at its core—’where are the women? Behind this justification is the notion that challenging entrenched masculinized privileges and practices in today’s international affairs is hopeless, therefore naive, therefore not worthy of serious attention.

Or consider the implications of a gendered encounter between a foreign male soldier and an impoverished, local woman today: Domestic Servants in World Politics Conclusion: University of California Pr Amazon.

Australian Outlook

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. To become operational, the ATT would have to be ratified by individual governments. In a lively overview of tourism, the food industry, army bases, nationalism, diplomacy, global factories, and domestic work, Enloe persuasively argues that gender is key to the workings of international relations.