Le circuit magnétique d’une installation de compensateur synchrone est compris dans une machine électrique connectée directement à une haute tension. Moteur synchrone qui tourne à vide et dont la seule fonction est de fournir ou d’ absorber de la puissance réactive sur une ligne de transport ou. RPR Hydro saura vous offrir des produits de qualité adaptés à vos besoins. ALTERNATEURS HYDROÉLECTRIQUES. COMPENSATEURS SYNCHRONES.

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Its principal advantage is the ease with which the amount of correction can be adjusted. They will not produce excessive voltage levels and are not susceptible to electrical resonances. As the mechanical load on a synchronous motor increases, the stator current I a increases regardless of the field excitation. The magnitude of Vg depends on the excitation current Ie and the speed of rotation, and as the latter is fixed, Vg depends only on Ie.

Synchronous condenser

Electric Rotary Machines – Types. Bobinage supraconducteur notamment pour limiteur de courant et limiteur comportant un tel bobinage. In contrast, with a constant field, a synchronous condenser naturally supplies more reactive power to a low voltage and absorbs more reactive power from a high voltage, plus the field can compensaetur controlled.

This reactive power improves voltage regulation in situations such as when starting large motors, or where power must travel long distances from where it is generated to where it is used, as is the case with power wheelingthe transmission snychrone electric power from one geographic region to another within a set of interconnected electric power systems. Asynchronous conversion method and apparatus for use with variable speed turbine hydroelectric generation.


F Ref document number: Country of ref document: AT Free format text: Synchronous condensers are also useful for supporting comlensateur levels.

Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes. IT Free format text: Ref legal event code: For the same mechanical load, the armature current varies with field excitation over a wide range and so causes the power factor also to vary accordingly. Bonded transposed transformer winding cable strands having improved short circuit withstand.

In between, the power factor is unity. Zusammengesetzter draht fuer hf-anwendungen, mit solch einem draht gewickelte spule und solch eine spule enthaltende ablenkeinheit. Electrostatic grading layer for the surface of an electrical insulation exposed to high electrical stress. On electric power systems, synchronous condensers can be used to control the voltage on long transmission lines, especially for lines with a relatively high ratio of inductive reactance to resistance.

synchronous condenser – Wikidata

US USB1 en Drehfeldmaschine mit konzentrierten Wicklungen und ausgepraegten, mit Polschuhen versehenen Polen. Einrichtung zur kurzschlusssicheren Befestigung von evolventenfoermig ausgebildeten Staenderwicklungskoepfen luftgekuehlter elektrischer Maschinen.

Antriebsanordnung mit einem nach art einer synchronmaschine ausgebildeten linearmotor. IE Ref legal event code: Conductor for high-voltage windings and a rotating electric machine comprising a winding including the conductor.

Brid ged polyolefine insulating hightension cable having outer semiconductor layers which can be treated off easily. Traction motor winding having a conductor with semi-conductor insulation layers. This corresponds to the minimum in the curve shown above.

PT Free format text: Likewise, the rotor is excited with a DC current Ie to act as an electromagnet. Since the machine is ideal, Vg, Vl and Vs will all be in phase, and Is will be entirely reactive i. Verfahren und Einrichtung zum Betrieb von Einphasenbahnfahrleitungen, die von mindestens zwei Speisepunkten aus gespeist werden. Deep beam support arrangement for dynamoelectric machine stator coil end portions. In an industrial plant, synchronous motors can be used to supply some of the reactive power required by induction motors.


Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed before In which subject field? Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes.

Lamellierter magnetischer Keil zum Abschluss der Wicklungsnuten elektrischer Maschinen. Country of ref document: The phase of armature current varies with field excitation. Power cable with corrugated or smooth longitudinally folded metallic shielding tape. MC Free format text: Now the stator current Is is no longer zero.

Its field is controlled by a voltage regulator to either generate or absorb reactive power as needed to adjust the grid’s voltageor to improve power factor. B1 Designated state s: Dispositif d’interconnexion de dispositifs electriques ayant des proprietes divergentes.

The rotating electromagnet induces a three-phase voltage Vg in the stator windings as if the machine were dynchrone synchronous generator. Arrangement of core segments in the casings of dynamo electric machines, rotary transformers and the like.

Power storage system with low voltage and high voltage windings for a vehicle driving system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

GB Ref legal event code: FI Free format text: Thus in a practical machine Is will contain a small in-phase component, and will not fall to zero.