The technique of chromosome microdissection and microcloning has been developed for more than 20 years. As a bridge between cytogenetics and molecular. Microdissection of the A h01 chromosome in upland cotton and microcloning of resistance gene anologs from the single chromosome. The aim of this paper is to review the different techniques available for chromosome microdissection and microcloning, and their use for the.

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By using this method, the technique of chromosome microdissection and microcloning would be more valuable in the advancement of genomic anx. Isolation of single chromosome and chromosomal fragments microdisdection Lilium regale Wilson. Am J Med Genet. Construction and characterization of banded specific DNA libraries. Construction and characterization of a region-specific microdissection library from human chromosome 2qq However, it is difficult to completely avoid the DNA contamination from cytoplasm and foreign species [ 29 ].

Cloning of resistance gene analogs located on the alien chromosome in an addition line of wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium.

The isolated DNA can be used for genomic research including 1 genetic linkage map and physical map construction, 2 generation of probes for chromosome painting, and 3 generation of chromosome specific expressed sequence tags libraries. Only the hybridized double strand sequences, which came from different samples with different adaptors, could be exponentially amplified. Microdissection and microcloning from the short arm of human chromosome 2.

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The generation of a regionally specific genomic library is one approach to obtain regionally defined expressed sequences. In situ hybridization with a DNA probe from a specific microdissected chromosome arm of common wheat. Journal List Curr Genomics v. On the other hand, micro-FISH is an important tool for other research, such as chromosome construction aberration, chromosome origin identification and comparative analysis of genomes [ 18 ].


Flow cytometry, while successful in isolating some of the larger chromosomes was clearly limited in its sensitivity for isolating the smaller ones.

Construction of single chromosomal DNA libraries. A novel method to isolate the common fraction of two DNA samples: This is a good method for the enrichment of ESTs of the specific chromosomes or chromosome fragments [ 1939 chromosoje. PCR-mediated cloning of microdissected chromosome DNA made chromosome microdissection and microcloning more practicable.

One of the major concerns for the successful application of chromosome microdissection and microcloning technique was the extensive depurination of the chromosomal DNA caused by acid treatment during the sample fixation in chromosome preparation [ 14 ]. To construct a high specificity, high coverage and low bias library with larger insert fragments, we only need single chromosome DNA. They used this technique to generate DNA microdisaection individual bands of Drosophila melanogaster microdissectio chromosomes and obtained 80 clones [ 61 ].

It is a new potential approach developed by our lab to rapidly generate ESTs from a specific chromosome or even a chromosome-specific-region paper in preparation. First two of them, however, are labor-intensive and technically complex.

Microdissection and microcloning of low copy specific sequence of Wheat Triticum aestivum chromosome 7B. Studies on microdissection and microcloning of the rye chromosome 1R. After washing off the unhybridized cDNA, the targeted chromosomes or chromosome fragments are dissected by micromanipulation. However, the dataset is huge and highly redundant, and it is difficult to identify the chromosome specific ESTs from cDNA libraries.

Molecular cloning of DNA from specific chromosomal regions by microdissection and sequence-independent amplification of DNA. Even though the intensity and the position of the laser beam were controlled by a microcomputer, the collection of the target region is still a difficult step for the operators. Plant Mol Biol Rep. The more chromosomes are microdissected, the more chance of contamination will be.


The earliest chromosome microcloning [ 61 ] was a kind of direct cloning of the dissected chromosomal material in a nanoliter microdrop contained in an oil chamber. Cloning a microdissected chromosome of soybean and in situ analysis of the chromosome PCR products. Then, it was extended to human chromosomes [ 3 ].

Chromosome microdissection – Wikipedia

The probes usually generate from the clones of cosmid library, yeast artificial chromosome YAC and bacterial artificial chromosome BAC. Chromosomal microdissection and microcloning provides a direct approach for isolating DNA from any cytoge-netically recognizable region of a chromosome.

Traditionally, the microdissection and microcloning steps should be carried out under the sterile condition as far as possible in order to effectively avoid the contamination from extraneous source DNA. Rapid generation of region specific probes by chromosome microdissection and their application.

Isolation of the single chromosome with BYDV resistant gene. The clones of specific chromosomes libraries can be used in conjunction with existing markers to construct a fine genetic linkage map and physical map, providing a gateway for understanding of chromosome structure and organization of a specific region of the genome.

Construction of a micro-library enriched with genomic replication origins of carrot somatic embryos by laser microdissection.