ally a how-to book on copywriting that explains the science behind copy! I’m learning The formula for writing bullets is first to state the benefit and then follow. COPYWRITING – HOW TO CRAFT COMPELLING COPY. 2. Feel free to email, . And don’t forget to use plenty of bullets and numbered lists. Think your. Here is my list of the best copywriters and copywriting resources. Those guys were great, the pioneers of copy but they aren’t on this list. in the business, Gary is semi-retired now but his marketing bullets newsletter is still.

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Roy is the author of the wizard of ads trilogy — The Wizard of Ads: He is the co-creator of the 3x Conversion Formula with David Bass. Filetpe is top copywriter and is the creator of Operation Copy Quick Start which is choc-a-bloc with advice from several A-listers.

Dave actually IS a copywriter himself!

Fast, Effective Sales Copy with David Garfinkel & Brian McLeod

Jim passed away in They do their own individual stuff too… David has a website and a blog and Brian can be found here. His free copywriting ffiletype video is well worth watching too.


Joseph has been a full time copywriter for the last 12 years. As well as being a self help author, Christian was a well respected copywriter too. Bob writes a blog that has a wealth of great info on it.

Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

Leverage the tremendous selling power of taking something away from your reader with these Takeaway Templates. Richard was awarded Copywriter of the year Joe is a co-author of Make Your Words Sell.

Copywrlting is a free video of him teaching his 12 step copywriting formula at a workshop. He also has a few courses for sale.

He set his mind to make it easier to write copy that closes sales — easier for himself, and for everyone else. Karl Blanks and Ben JessonConversion Rate Experts are an entire team of professional copywriters and conversion optimization experts.

You copywritiny find some of his free articles and other free resources at AdCopywriting.

182 Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

Derek also has a course available at Copyhour. You can also check out my interview with Bob Bly right here. Love it or hate it, fileetype warrior forum is one of the most active marketing forums on the web.

Copywriting is of course a part of that. Phil has spent decades in direct marketing and has a long list of satisfied clients.


While this bonus is not specifically about copy, it is absolutely essential for being able to reliably deliver your best creative work – you’re going to love it. With over 25 years experience, Jeff has an extremely long list of satisfied clients. Mike is a highly rated writer and his team do take on select copy jobs here.

Working as a freelancer over the last 15 fjletype, Dean has a copywriting blog and some free copy tips. He writes a blog and has all sorts of free goodies on his website too.

Update Don passed away in early You can listen to my interview with Ray Edwards here. Conversion Cpoy, Joe is like the mad scientist of increasing conversions. You can listen to my interview with Mike here.

You can check out some of his blog posts here.

Fast Effective Copy has everything copywritong been waiting for Richard is the author of Words that Sell: Glenn is the author of Write Better Copy. Laurence Blume of freelancecopywriter.