DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. commission for of her oc, Sonia who did a blueberry spell. Sonia is one of the bugband crew. enjoy get the full comic here. Within two comic-strip frames, she was growing, bulging out of her .. The first comic I did, the BlooBerry Comic, was by far the craziest comic.

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I’ve got to run an errand. Your review has been posted.

at WI. The Comic Geek Community & Free Comic Book Collection Tool

Then I stumbled upon images of a woman named Gwen. Surrealism is your thing and you want to see women growing to epic proportions while also morphing into various fruits and vegetables? Their galleries display a wide range of themes depicted with breath-taking detail—and often in vibrant color.

People who enjoy weight gain primarily are in opposition to fans of more cartoony inflation artwork or breast expansion. While the quality of the work ranges from crude to stunningly-detailed, the themes are always fresh and innovative. Most of the content is about as boring and awkward as sex with blooberryy condoms on.

It ended up being a woman with giant mouth that took up most of the picture. That was a MESS.


Body expansion art is exactly what it sounds like: But then there are those who like all sorts of expansion. Punk Rock and BBall come together 4. I usually spend a month on a page comic or a page color comic.

I never felt any kind of connection to that movie until after Hlooberry had seen a comic done by a fellow artist.

Still, for the most part, I do like most of my fans. It was so wild, that some of the pages got removed from Blloberry. I know of ckmic self-published books out there actually including one of my own—a comic—and a few others. I do all digital work on PS with a digital tablet. In the wide world of body expansion, reality is no object. So 11 years ago, and 7 years ago respectively. I almost get as many on my blog.

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Well, this chapter will be a good one, promise. If you can think of it, you blolberry find it—or at least pay someone to draw it for you. The typical process is I come up with ideas, sketch them down with pencil in my sketchbook and then work up a more polished finished sketch.

How did you first get into body expansion art? What is the strangest or most-interesting thing someone has asked you to make? I think elements of it slip in here and there.

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Bloo has fallen in love with Berry. It is at times funny, disturbing, sexy—even beautiful—and occasionally, all at the same time. The expansion community is both small and large at the same time.


Cartoons Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. The scenery was completely foreign: Just In All Stories: Heck, as I mentioned earlier, Totally Spies was a cartoon many fans think was influenced by fetishists, since it was created during a time when comiic art was just getting popular on blloberry internet in the early s.

Peach had grown so large that her iconic pink dress was stretched over only the top half of her stomach. That was the last time I did a private commission. Magical Card Game Ecstasy by Okayokayokok.

Web Comics

I went back and re-watched that clip of Violet turning into a blueberry and it was like seeing it with new eyes. To bring you a little closer to the vortex of this fascinating subculture, I recently interviewed two prominent body expansion artists from DeviantArt. It was the best expansion artwork I had seen in a comic, and it was hot.