The book Bengal Nights: A Novel, Mircea Eliade is published by University of Chicago Press. Bengal Nights Mircea Eliade The University of Chicago Press. Mircea Eliade ( ) was the Sewell L. Avery Distinguished Service Professor in the. Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade Ultima noapte de dragoste, întâia noapte de război by Camil Bengal Nights was written by a European man in India (Calcutta in the.

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It’s probably the first book I hate with such a passion so you can’t say I’m someone who likes elisde criticize what others write. The film stared Hugh Grant as the Eliade character, now a British Engineer building dams or something. Her father orders the young man out of the house and threatens to have him deported if he tries to contact his daughter. Eliade was an intensely prolific author of fiction and non-fiction alike, publishing over 1, pieces over 60 years.

You must know I’m rather sick right now and I may have a fever, so I’m not thinking straight. A story about a forbidden love, but with no feelings. For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: As Alain discovers that even the recently virginal Maitreyi knows the sexual secrets of the East, the two are tortured by a foreknowledge that their affair will be discovered by the teen’s modernizing, ebngal still traditional, Hindu family.

Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade

Oh and he’s the real tragedy in the end poor Allan. Preview — Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade. At the end of the novel, when Devi meets Eliade for the first time in forty-two years, it becomes a confrontation because Eliade refuses to look at her, preferring the fantasy vision in his memory to the reality in the eliare with him.

Imagine a story like that! When sent to work in a rain-abundant region of India, Allan becomes ill with malaria.

You love the fantastic and unreal. What follows is a charming, tentative flirtation that soon, against all the proprieties and precepts of Indian society, blossoms into a love affair both impossible and ultimately tragic. It is one of the rare instances in literature when two protagonists share the same story broken down in the same beautiful eliqde but seen from two different perspectives.


The book reverses one’s thoughts, beliefs and understanding about indian culture. He’s like every teenager out there, imagining “What would people think if I threw myself in the Gange?

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. The film, Les Nuits Bengaliappeared eiade And the system of caste had made it impossible for people from one class, or caste to marry into another. Though the blossoming young woman has read widely in English, American, and Indian literature, Alain sees in her and her sister a certain savage Otherness that intrigues him.

I suppose Eliade succeeded in making the reader, or at least me, feel as close as possible to what he must have felt back then, if not towards Maitreyi, at least towards the book itself. Maitreyi Devi and Mircea Eliade […]. Am crezut ca o tin minte din adolescenta, cand am citit-o prima data, dar nu mai tineam minte mare lucru in afara de faptul ca m-a marcat. As well, she contacts the now old man and he agrees his novel will not be published in English until after her death.

After the younger sister blabs and the father sends Alain away, Maitreyi becomes a victim of her father’s physical wrath. Her younger sister learns about this elade other shenanigans. Good knowledge, but bad insight.

Bengal Nights

Hugh Grant is somehow both slack-jawed and wooden e,iade, and his accent wanders back and forth across the English Channel. Allan is an employee of the company run by engineer Narendra Sen. There was a problem adding your email address. It doesn’t seem written inI can at least put that down on paper now.

Return to Book Page. A vibrantly poetic love story, Bengal Nights is leiade a cruel account of the wreckage left in the wake of a young man’s self discovery. Jan 10, Raluca rated it it was amazing. If he understood Indian Bengali Indian culture like he said he mrcea, surely he would have known better than to write such a tale, fictionalized or not, about a person it can easily be attributed to?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It Does Not Die is a meditation on memory, and migcea of motivation, a study of the tragedy of self-delusion, and, in the end, a profound philosophical statement on Love and Truth. Account Options Sign in.


Inthe University of Chicago Press published the two works in English as companion volumes. The author shows in his work the depth of asian spirit and demonstrates the major differences of relationship aproach between european and asian people. Bengal nights Mircea Eliade Snippet view – Maitreyi says she wished she was white, for in India, girls with lighter skin are preferred. She gives herself to her lover, in spite of or in part because of the forbidden character of their relationship.

This book really impressed me, and is definetely outstanding among the other literature that i should read for school. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Alain, Eliade’s persona in the story, comes to take up residence with an Indian family who have a sublime, mysteriously beautiful daughter, Maitreyi.

Devi slips back and forth in time, not simply remembering and all the years since, but living them again, even as her family life, her political and charitable work, and her poetry swirl around her. Ever since he begun to love Maitreyi, Allan was trying to find her defects but eventually despite the differences in race, religion, origin they will be together.

Much of this book is Orientalist nonsense, vacillating between utter worship of all things It is one of the rare instances in literatu This is the first book I have ever read twice and it was so much worth it!

Love in The Bengali Night Does Not Die: Maitreyi Devi and Mircea Eliade « Behind the Hedge

A love story with a sad ending, it is bwngal interesting that the events in this book are told by Maitreyi – which has become an important writer of Begnal literature – in the book “It Does Not Die”. I’ve seen this happen before, it’s not new, but it is interesting how common it is and how it manifests itself: It Does Not Die is a beautiful, poetic, aching novel.

May 17, Mina Soare rated it it was ok Shelves: Outside the USA, see our international sales information.