Sri Ardhanarishwara Stotram devotional song the song is sung about the Lord Shiva and Parvathi in other words durga the app contains 9 wallpapers the app. Ardhanarishvara represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe (Purusha and Prakriti) and illustrates how Shakti, the female. Shiva Jaya Jayakara Dhyana Stotram. Listen to Dr. S. K. Ardhanarishwara Stotram song from the album Sri Shiva Sahasranamavali Stotras is released on Feb

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Utpalacommenting on the Brihat Samhitacalls this form Ardha-Gaurishvara “the Lord whose half is the fair one”; the fair one — Gauri — is an attribute of Parvati. In the case of two-armed icons, the left hand rests on Nandi’s head, hangs loose or holds either a flower, a mirror or a parrot.

The Shiva Purana describes that the creator god Brahma created all male beings, the Prajapatisand told them to regenerate, which they were unable to do. University of Chicago Press. The word digambara indicates that HE does not wear clothes, as a mark of renunciation. The face has a common third eye. The Linga Purana advocates the worship of Ardhanarishvara by devotees to attain union with Shiva upon dissolution of the world and thus attain salvation.

Seeing the half-male, half-female form, the demon lost interest in her and left. Parvati has a well-developed, round bosom and a narrow feminine waist embellished with various haras religious bracelets and other ornaments, made of diamonds and other gems.

In these tales, it is her body not Shiva’s which splits into male and female halves.

Ardhanareeshwar Stotram

The parrot may be also perched on Parvati’s wrist. Brahma prayed to the female half of Shiva to give him a female to continue creation. I Once a poetic puzzle was posed to mahAkavi kaLidAsa asking whether someone has seen a flower inside another flower. Journal of the American Academy of Religion. The unnamed half-female form of Shiva is also alluded to in the epic Mahabharata. When the demon followed her there, Parvati revealed her Ardhanarishvara form to him.


Edit Email Id Contact Us. The bull stands behind the deity.

Views Read Edit View history. Purusha is the male principle and passive force of the universe, while Prakriti is the female active force; both are “constantly drawn to embrace and fuse with each other, though This arthanareesdarar indicated by the term vishAla. Her eyes left half are long and beautiful like nilotpala flower.

Ardha Nareeswara Ashtakam –

The whole right half is described as smeared with ashes and as terrible and red-coloured or gold or coral in appearance; however, these features are rarely depicted. Ardhanarishvara Shiva then enjoys his own half — the Great Goddess — by “the path of yoga” and creates Brahma and Vishnu from her body. Lords eyes are radiant like lotus flowers.

In the Kalika PuranaParvati called Gauri here is described as having suspected Shiva arthanraeeswarar infidelity when she saw her own reflection in the crystal-like breast of Shiva. Chandrashekarashtakam Sri Shiva Sahasranamavali Stotras. Nandi usuallysometimes along with a lion.

The left leg may be somewhat bent or straight, resting on a lotus pedestal. He wears ornaments characteristic of Shiva’s iconography, arthhanareeswarar serpent ornaments. IxaNa can mean look or eye. The male half wears a jata-mukuta a headdress formed of piled, matted hair on his head, adorned with a crescent moon. A tilaka or bindu a round red dot adorns her forehead, matching Shiva’s third eye. Receive subscription updates via SMS.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. These make very pleasing sounds when they move. The Temples of Tamilnadu.

telgu The right male half has matted hair with a skull and crescent moon; the left female half has well-combed hair decorated with flowers and wears a stotrma earring. In the three-armed representation, the left hand holds a flower, a mirror or a parrot.

The ambAL aspect is well adorned and pleasing to reflect on, the Lord’s half is ill adorned with ashes, snakes, elephant ih is dreadful. Ardhanarishvara signifies “totality that lies beyond duality”, “bi-unity of male and female in God” and “the bisexuality and therefore the non-duality” of the Supreme Being. Enter New Email ID. Another view is that Ardhanarishvara is a symbol of Shiva’s all-pervasive nature. The left ear wears a valika-kundala a type of earring. Ardhanarishvara is interpreted as an attempt to syncretise the two principal Hindu sects, Shaivism and Shaktismdedicated to Shiva and the Great Goddess.

It declares Rudra — the antecedent of the Puranic Shiva — the maker of all and the root of Purusha the male principle and Prakriti the female principleadhering to Samkhya philosophy. on

Ardhanarishwara Stotram Song

Brahma asks Rudra to divide himself, and the latter complies by dividing into male and female. We have noticed that you have an ad blocker enabled on your browser.

Stitram cultures, hermaphrodite figures like Ardhanarishvara have traditionally been associated with fertility and abundant growth.