Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel. Four young outsiders go undercover at the founding of Israel in this gripping, intimate, and. It is beyond doubt that Matti Friedman, a Canadian-Israeli journalist, deserves it. The Aleppo Codex, also known as the “Crown,” was Judaism’s most. The Aleppo Codex, by Matti Friedman. In an age when physical books matter less and less, here is a thrilling story about a book that meant.

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Fortunately, the Hebrew scriptures have been meticulously copied and available somewhere on this planet ever since they were first written. The big players in the news business practice groupthink, and these staffing arrangements were reflected across the herd. The Aleppo Codex is a year old manuscript written by Ahron ben Asher that is considered the most complete version of the Jewish people ever penned.

Sep 30, Susan friedmn it it was amazing. I am a history geek and seminary graduate, and I really enjoyed The Matto Codex. A facsimile of the actual Aleppo Codex but missing most of the Torah may be found in the Biola Library, and it has also been published online.

Sadly, this precious book disappeared in the Aleppo riots of where it was rumored to have been burnt. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I had no idea I was actually plunging into a real myster Do you like a good mystery? Lists with This Book. Sep 14, Diana Barshaw rated it liked it. That remained its status until the end of the Aleppo Jewish community in its home environs.

Jul 11, Rabbi rated it really liked it. This book traces the flight of the Codex from Syria to Israel and the multitude of people through whose hands it passed.


Book Review: The Aleppo Codex (by Matti Friedman)

Then, inwhen the United Nations voted to partition the former British mandate of Palestine into two new states, one Arab and the other Jewish, anti-Jewish riots broke out across the Arab world from Yemen to Morocco. But, still I highly recommend. Matti Friedman used his journalistic training and skills to find out about the Crown and its journey. Might be a good book for enthusiasts alepppo the crown, not sure if it would appeal to other audiences.

Get The Weekender in your inbox:. It is believed to have been composed in about A. Over the centuries it has traveled here and there, surviving the sack of Jerusalem qleppo one of the Crusades, re-surfacing in Egypt to be consulted by the famed Jewish scholar Maimonides and eventually working its way to the Jewish community in Aleppo, Syria.

There was a protracted court battle for ownership of the Codex, between the Israeli state and the Aleppo refugees. In the riots following the vote to create the State of Israel, however, codexx secure home was breached and the book thought to be destroyed. It’s just that Driedman prefer a literary mystery or theological detective work. The author is a journalist and many of the chapters are deadening facts and details thrown on the page, and by the end of the novel, I didn’t walk away with an answer to the “mystery.

For the six hundred years prior toit resided in a synagogue in the Syrian town of Aleppo. What emerged was the idea that a people could be held together mathi words. Aaron ben Asher and his colleagues intended the codex to be a resource for friedmam and scholars but for the next six centuries, the Aleppo Jews treated it like a holy relic.

What happened to it during those years?

It is also a tragedy, one in which a literary work of art designed to teach humans how to behave falls victim to the very impulses it was written to prevent. He tells us about the history of the Codex–the Crown of Aleppo–over the centuries and also about the personages protected the book during mwtti riots and those who helped extricate the book from Aleppo in the s as the community there was extinguished.


Well, these are three reasons you have to listen to this book! The titular Aleppo Codex refers to what is probably the closest thing we fiedman to an original bible. The book, considered by Maimonides, who lived in the twelfth century and considered, even today, to be one ffriedman the most important Jewish scholars in history, to ccodex the best Codex of the Hebrew Bible available, had been stored and guarded in a synagogue in Aleppo, Syria, for more than a thousand years.

But by exposing the hidden gears and mechanics of the accepted narrative, he has still made a decisive statement against silence, as well as a plea for the pages of the Book of Books to actually be paid attention to, not just lusted over, stolen, and neglected.

Matti Friedman | Matti Friedman – author of The Aleppo Codex

Those are all questions that make up this mystery thriller. It involves lots of intrigue, mystery, and even a possible murder. Lots of people, peopleplaces, and events kept in a an understandable codexx very readable text.

Jun 27, Nina rated it liked it. Why it is significant to the Jewish community.

Aug 25, Lynn Horton rated it it was amazing.