700 HN100 PDF

Allen-Bradley HN Allen-Bradley HN 8-Pin Screw Terminal Tube Base Socket For Use With Bulletin HR and HX Timing Relays. MPN: HN ✓. Screw Terminal Tube Base Sockets ± Panel or DIN Rail Mounting . Open Style construction. 8 pin for use with DPDT BuIIetin HA reIays, HT. SOCKET Bases-Sockets: Type – General Purpose Relay Socket; Socket Configuration – 8-Pin Octal; Poles – 2; Mounting – DIN Rail or Panel; Construction .

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All Listings filter applied. For the first time period the contacts change state.

Because of the many variables and requirements associated with any particular installation, Rockwell Automation, Inc. The money bn100 offer is null and void if the product is not returned, has been tampered with misused, abused, exposed to weather, or is not the same product which we shipped you.

The control output is reset when time is up. Output Mode A Mode: Continuous cycling of the signal at a rate that is faster than the time delay will cause the relay contacts to remain energized. Timers have internal suppression Haz. The maximum operating frequency is 10 Hz. Make, Break and Continuous 2 Inductive — Instantaneous Contacts Any Combination of N. For one-shot output, an output will be made again for the duration of the output time setting once the power supply has resumed.

For values on a hm100 coil voltage, contact your local Rockwell Automation sales office or Allen-Bradley distributor. Rockwell Otomasyon Ticaret A. Gate not included on any mode of this Relay. The load can be connected to either positive or negative output terminals of the SSR. This cycle will repeat until the power is removed.


To convert to inches multiply by 0. Timing is initiated when input power is applied. This will save us the hassle of having to issue a refund for any over payment you may make. Timing starts when input power is removed.

Timing starts when the start signal comes 70. Ambient Temperature Characteristics Inrush current un100 is defined as the 7000 of an SSR to withstand a large surge current for a short period of time. Swedesboro, New JerseyVersand nach: Contacts change state immediately when start signal is applied or when start signal is removed only if timing cycle was complete.

Most products we sell hn10 a serial number or some other way for us to tell it came from us. The lower the load voltage is, the greater the loss time is.


Select a varistor which meets the load voltage condition outlined in the table below. In some case on large bulky items the express shipping cost eBay gives you may be wrong.

A signal is generated by the HR timing relay, and is the same potential as the supply voltage of the timing relay. When the initiating contact closes, timing begins. When the input power is removed or hn10 signal is applied contacts return to the shelf state.

This cycle repeats hn010 until input power is removed or reset signal is applied.


Non-US buyers should ask us in advance if we will have any add’l requirements. Relay contacts R change state immediately and the time delay t begins. Turn off email alerts. Items in search results.


Mode Key 5 9. When the unit is switched ON, the hm100 required to power the hn10 deprives the output signal of the necessary voltage level and thus creates loss time.

Users are required to familiarize themselves with installation and wiring instructions in addition to requirements of all applicable codes, laws, and standards. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Surge capacity of the supply voltage according to IEC High output switching capability and long contact life.

Dimensions are not intended to be used for manufacturing purposes. We collect taxes on shipments made within the state of New Jersey. Items listed as “new” are brand new surplus and appear to have never been used.

If hn1000 signal is closed before the time delay is complete, the time delay is reset and the relay remains energized.

700HN100 AB

Format see all Format. Available in any combination of N. For a DC inductive load, a diode should be connected parallel to the load to absorb the counter electromotive force OFF of the load.

Start, gate, and reset Input method No-voltage input contact short-circuit and open input Short-circuit ON impedance: To reset the present value, press this key while the present value is displayed. EMC Directive Compliance 1.

Trademarks not belonging to Rockwell Automation are property of their respective companies. Exceeding the non-repetitive inrush current will damage the SSR.